Irrigation Advisory Council voted: Irrigation Systems are Health Hazard

I’ve just received my new 2017 TXIA Newsletter, Volume 42, Number 1. Some interesting news has been revealed on page 12. The IAC (Minutes, VII. a)), after much discussion, “motioned and passed through majority vote to make the recommendation to the Commission to classify landscape irrigation systems as health hazard (Ch344.1 (14).” It’s been talked about for Irrigation Advisory Council voted: Irrigation Systems are Health Hazard

Irrigation Smart Controllers

Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about smart controllers. The technology to make watering your lawn easier, give you more control, and help save water along the way, is moving at a fast pace. The competition is tight between some manufacturers. But of course there is always one that stands out from the Irrigation Smart Controllers

LED conversions for house lighting.

I’ve been installing low voltage LED landscape lighting for the past four years. It’s the only way to go now days. It’s more efficient and virtually maintenance free. There are no light bulbs to worry about any more. The fixtures are more expensive, but the payoff comes by saving electricity, no bulb purchases, and calls LED conversions for house lighting.

Foundation watering.

I’ve got lots of customers asking me about foundation watering. I’ve done some research with peers installing drip systems around houses, conferring with foundation companies, and my experience. I’m not a foundation expert or engineer. So, any opinion I have is mine and I ‘m happy to share it. If you have questions about your Foundation watering.

The Beginning

7/03/2014 My purpose for creating a blog is to keep my customers updated on the latest drought and water restriction news. Along with products I’d recommend or use to help conserve resources. I also want to share and help fellow peers in my industry become more proficient licensed irrigators.  I am linking water restriction guidelines The Beginning