Pre-Construction Consultations and Evaluations

Contact me here to make an appointment.

If you are planning on getting a new pool, landscape renovation, a new irrigation system, or have any kind of major construction done on your property, contact me. I would love to help you.

My consultations and evaluations are meant to provide you with meaningful knowledge that you can use before, during, and after any type of construction on your property. My goal is to eliminate as many surprises as possible by educating you on what may happen, what is happening, and what has happened during a construction event. I want you to be prepared to communicate clearly to each contractor with whom you may be in contact.

Sometimes it’s best to have a third party, in this case me, get a perspective on the work being done without a financial interest in it. From my experience, it seems those making a major investments in their property during such events, get left in the dark and surprised by things that happen. My hope for you is to eliminate this issue as much as possible. I want both you and the contractor happy in the end.

Being educated when sharing ideas between the parties will provide a good understanding of each side’s expectations. This will also provide you with the knowledge of my experience in irrigation, landscape lighting, drainage, etc. I want to build confidence with each of my customers and our long-term relationships.

Here’s what to expect:

  • A phone call to set an appointment.
  • A meeting of introductions.
  • A conversation about what’s going to happen or what is happening.
  • I will walk the property to look at the items of concerns: Irrigation, drainage, and/or other items.
  • I will look at other possible concerns or items not discussed.
  • I will meet with you again, when I’m done, to discuss my findings and any other items or concerns that come up during the meeting.
  • I will invoice you $250 minimum for the visit before I leave. *This price is subject to change.
  • I will prepare a report with my notes and email it to you within four days or sooner, depending on the urgency.
  • I will discuss the report with you as needed.
  • I will be available for you if any other concerns arise.


If you have questions or want to set an appointment, call or email me.