The Beginning



My purpose for creating a blog is to keep my customers updated on the latest drought and water restriction news. Along with products I’d recommend or use to help conserve resources. I also want to share and help fellow peers in my industry become more proficient licensed irrigators. 

I am linking water restriction guidelines from surrounding cities. It’s good to keep up to date. Follow your watering guidelines from your city. Be sure to find the map and select your watering day. New information posted on my links page.

Be sure to get the most out of your water day. Make sure your landscape/grass is trimmed to help with sprinkler coverage. I also wouldn’t recommend planting any new plants at this time. But if you do, please hand water them until they are established, then as needed. Sprinklers are for supplemental water after plants are established.

If your city has a sprinkler check up program, take advantage of that service. City of Frisco does have a check up program for it’s citizens. I highly recommend it. If your city doesn’t have one, I encourage you to petition the city to implement such a program.