Tree Root Flare

I’m not an arborist or tree expert. I’m a sprinkler and landscape lighting repair business. I am also a homeowner that has had to learn about tree root flare on my own with my trees. I’ve come to the conclusion that exposing the root flare is great for trees. I also love how much of a trees character is revealed on a mature tree when their root flare is exposed.

I can’t not notice all the trees around the Collin County area with mulch around the trees. This has become my pet peeve. I understand if new trees are mulched around the first year or so, but every tree, year after year?! I see a lot of sick looking trees. I don’t know if lack of root flare exposure is the issue, but I know it doesn’t help. I know landscapers sell and install a lot of unneeded mulch to cover up tree root flare. I would think landscapers most of all would know better.

I wanted to share my opinion on the subject and bring awareness to others, including my customers. This subject has become somewhat of an obsessive issue since I have learned about it. Now I notice it every day. I’m going to provide some links to help educate homeowners on this issue. I’m providing links I found to other sites because of their information on the subject. If you have your own arborist or landscaper to communicate with about the subject, please do that too.

Link 1: Root Flare Exposure and Tree Health

Link 2: Tree Root Problems

Link 3: Exposing The Root Flare of Your Tree

Link 4: Root Flare Exposure

The pictures are of one of my trees where I exposed the root flare. It took me several hours.