Landscape Lighting

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Troubleshooting Tips

Most problems with landscape lighting fixtures are pretty simple to troubleshoot. If you are having problems, try to remember the last time the lighting was all working properly. Try to find out if any work was done around the non-working lighting.

One lamp out or one lamp out in different fixtures could mean that you have a bad or dirty lamp or a corroded socket. It may also indicate a bad wire connection underground.

If you have more than one lamp out in a row, more than likely the whole row will be out and probably a wire splice connection at a lead wire. The problem may also be a cut lead wire damaged from a shovel cutting the wire. In this scenario, always check to see if power at the transformer is good and ensure that the transformer is on. Make sure the timer is set to current time.

If the transformer has no power, check the electrical outlet power at the transformer. Also check the transformer power output at the transformer. If there is a circuit breaker on the transformer, make sure it is on. If not, reset it. If it trips again, then there is a short in the lighting wire.

The idea behind landscape lighting is to enhance and add drama to your landscape at night. The creation of a nighttime environment needs to set a mood.

Safety is another issue to consider. Landscape lighting is so versatile there is really not an application in which it can’t be used. Low voltage lighting can also save you money on electricity on an annual basis versus using line voltage. Low voltage lighting is also safer around pools, kids, and pets.