About The President
Michael Sjogren

I have been in the irrigation and landscape maintenance industry since I was sixteen. I started at the City of Irving Parks Department. This was a great opportunity for me. I worked to maintain parks, parkways, all ball fields, and common areas. I started out in lawn maintenance, learning about different equipment and tools to help keep the city’s parks beautiful. I worked there through all of my high school and college summers and then went full-time and worked another five years.

After going full-time, another opportunity arose for a position as an irrigation technician. I applied and got into the dirt. I worked under an experienced irrigator who taught me the ropes. After working as a technician and feeling more confident about my progress, another opportunity arose. An irrigation crew leader position was available. I applied and got the job. I also took this opportunity to take the lead and get my irrigation license (LI5729), since now I was the leader. At that time there were only a few licensed irrigators. I worked this position and made a five-year plan to eventually start my own company. I finally decided that my career at the city had become stagnant. I needed to learn more. I resigned and moved onto a private company.

Since the city had been my only real job, I had to move onto see what the private sector was all about. I went to work for a company that maintained commercial irrigation systems in the DFW area. This was also a great opportunity that happened right on time. Once I began working, starting as an irrigation technician again, I realized how big this industry really was. I also realized that I was not in charge of my career fate while working for someone else. I worked with a great irrigator who really knew the industry because he had been a licensed irrigator for many years. I learned great troubleshooting skills that are a must in this industry. However, working in commercial irrigation did not give me the opportunity to be around people, which I missed. After awhile this got to me. I worked there as long as I felt I needed to get to my next step. I needed to learn the sales and manufacturing side of the industry. I applied at a local irrigation supply house.

This was my next step. I learned sales, product information, controller repair, and great people skills. For two years I took in all this valuable information and realized my five-year plan was about to expire. I felt more confident than I ever had and I knew it was time. So in January of 2000 started my own company: Irri-Light, Incorporated.

In August 2015, I took a break from running my business, so that I could gain experience with my irrigation inspector license (II18). It was a great experience with a great team. I learned more about the current irrigation industry, irrigation contractors, and new home builders. I started a blog about my experience, linked here. After a year, I’ve decided to start running my business full time again. I hope to use this extra knowledge to help me be an even better irrigator for the end users and their sprinkler systems.

Irrigation (LI5729), landscape lighting, backflow testing (BP4133), design and consultation are services that I provide. I also provide the best customer service in the industry. I spend most of my time servicing residential customers because I love the contact with the people. I have learned great customer service and putting people first makes all the difference.


Working hard to build a professional sprinkler repair and landscape lighting business which puts the customer first.

Working hard to conserve our precious water resources by designing and installing efficient irrigation systems and implementing a conservative watering schedule.

Working hard to stay educated on the leading edge of knowledge and technology for my industry.

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