LED conversions for house lighting.

I’ve been installing low voltage LED landscape lighting for the past four years. It’s the only way to go now days. It’s more efficient and virtually maintenance free. There are no light bulbs to worry about any more. The fixtures are more expensive, but the payoff comes by saving electricity, no bulb purchases, and calls to service companies like myself to replace bulbs. The lighting effect is great too because it remains consistent across a broader voltage range. And the lighting output also remains consistent. Unlike incandescent bulbs that lose their brightness over time, LED’s do not.

I also get calls about four or five times a year for flood lighting repair on houses. The fixtures are usually installed when the house is built. They’re usually installed on the front of houses under windows or just randomly spaced along the front. The bulbs use a lot of electricity and the fixture themselves are basically funnels for bugs, water, and whatever else falls in/around the bulb. The fixtures usually corrode and break off the wall.

When these fixtures go bad, I’d recommend replacing them with LED’s. As stated above there are benefits to LED lighting. I’ve got a friend who’s an electrician that can install these.

Here are a before and after picture of the lighting:

WP_20140801WP_20140801 1