Irrigation Smart Controllers

Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about smart controllers. The technology to make watering your lawn easier, give you more control, and help save water along the way, is moving at a fast pace. The competition is tight between some manufacturers. But of course there is always one that stands out from the pack. Some are just late to the ball game. One thing is for sure, smart controllers will control and shape the way we water our lawns from here into the future.

I’ve been working with quite a few different smart controllers and their apps weekly for the past year. I’ve help set them up for many customers and helped them get registered with the City of Frisco. If you live in Frisco, and you’re planning on getting a smart controller, reach out to me. I’d be happy to help guide you to the best device to suit your needs.

Most homeowners who get these smart controllers are installing them themselves. But if you don’t want to do that I can help with that. I can also help with the initial set up and scheduling. If you live in Frisco, I highly recommend registering your smart controller and getting the Water Wise sign in your yard too.

Frisco’s Water Wise program is on the cutting edge of this smart controller market. The Water Wise team there has some of the most educated, knowledgeable, and licensed irrigators in their field. It’s to the Frisco water customers advantage to use the team’s abilities to help in water conservation.

I look forward to serving you.



Foundation watering.

I’ve got lots of customers asking me about foundation watering. I’ve done some research with peers installing drip systems around houses, conferring with foundation companies, and my experience.

I’m not a foundation expert or engineer. So, any opinion I have is mine and I ‘m happy to share it. If you have questions about your foundation I suggest calling a foundation company and maybe getting an evaluation. Some foundation companies do that for free. I recommend getting all the information you need before investing in any irrigation system, including a perimeter drip system. Keep in mind, as licensed irrigators we do not specialize in foundations although we get lots of questions in that regard. I have a foundation maintenance bulletin you can download from my links page. It’s got some helpful information on there.

There are lots of variables to consider before investing in a perimeter drip system: Existing soil level around house, soil type, plants/trees around the house, slope to/from the house, water rate from source, percolation rate in soil, existing water rate from sprinkler system, and daily weather conditions.

I think the most important conclusion I’ve come to from the questions I’ve asked is, no matter how balanced your moisture is around your house, your foundation can still shift. So, would a perimeter watering system help/save your foundation, maybe. Would it give you peace of mind, yes. If that is worth the investment, then have a watering system installed around your house.