Tree Root Flare

I’m not an arborist or tree expert. I’m a sprinkler and landscape lighting repair business. I am also a homeowner that has had to learn about tree root flare on my own with my trees. I’ve come to the conclusion that exposing the root flare is great for trees. I also love how much of a trees character is revealed on a mature tree when their root flare is exposed.

I can’t not notice all the trees around the Collin County area with mulch around the trees. This has become my pet peeve. I understand if new trees are mulched around the first year or so, but every tree, year after year?! I see a lot of sick looking trees. I don’t know if lack of root flare exposure is the issue, but I know it doesn’t help. I know landscapers sell and install a lot of unneeded mulch to cover up tree root flare. I would think landscapers most of all would know better.

I wanted to share my opinion on the subject and bring awareness to others, including my customers. This subject has become somewhat of an obsessive issue since I have learned about it. Now I notice it every day. I’m going to provide some links to help educate homeowners on this issue. I’m providing links I found to other sites because of their information on the subject. If you have your own arborist or landscaper to communicate with about the subject, please do that too.

Link 1: Root Flare Exposure and Tree Health

Link 2: Tree Root Problems

Link 3: Exposing The Root Flare of Your Tree

Link 4: Root Flare Exposure

The pictures are of one of my trees where I exposed the root flare. It took me several hours.


Irrigation Smart Controllers

Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about smart controllers. The technology to make watering your lawn easier, give you more control, and help save water along the way, is moving at a fast pace. The competition is tight between some manufacturers. But of course there is always one that stands out from the pack. Some are just late to the ball game. One thing is for sure, smart controllers will control and shape the way we water our lawns from here into the future.

I’ve been working with quite a few different smart controllers and their apps weekly for the past year. I’ve help set them up for many customers and helped them get registered with the City of Frisco. If you live in Frisco, and you’re planning on getting a smart controller, reach out to me. I’d be happy to help guide you to the best device to suit your needs.

Most homeowners who get these smart controllers are installing them themselves. But if you don’t want to do that I can help with that. I can also help with the initial set up and scheduling. If you live in Frisco, I highly recommend registering your smart controller and getting the Water Wise sign in your yard too.

Frisco’s Water Wise program is on the cutting edge of this smart controller market. The Water Wise team there has some of the most educated, knowledgeable, and licensed irrigators in their field. It’s to the Frisco water customers advantage to use the team’s abilities to help in water conservation.

I look forward to serving you.